wunderlich Single-seater saddle, worked with care, in very robust black imitation leather. The stable-shaped saddle is composed of a basic body made of very strong deep-drawn thermoplastic and of a multi-layered construction made by hand. It is completely suitable for long journeys with a high quality anti-slip seal and an ideal weight distribution over the entire rear. The imitation leather covering is very resistant, pleasant to the touch, anti-slip, resistant to UV rays and anti-sweat. The final seams are further quilted, the transverse seams are reinforced below with very resistant foam rubber. Delivery includes the complete assembly set. With the assembly of this saddle you can not use the original saddle for driver and passenger, the rear frame, the frame for the driver, the mudguard and the rear light plus the arrows. Wunderlich recommends their items to be ordered separately 44201-202 exhaust pipe uprate (including support for exhaust) or 44201-102 exhaust support (for conventional exhaust position) 44114-102 LED rear light Devil's Eye 44113-202 Cube direction indicators for rear light processing and also 38981-002 plate holder or 38981-302 plate holder on the swingarm or for an even more "personal" realization you can indulge yourself by assembling the products you like the most.

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