Covering for saddle BMW R Ninet, Ninet Scrambler, Ninet Racer, Ninet Pure. it is possible to obtain the form seams diamond or striped. you can choose various options: only front seat, front seat + rear seat, front seat + rear + pad, you can choose the version SEAT ONLY dedicated to Scrambler models. It is advisable to mount the seat cover to a specialist. All seat covers have a piece of foam sewn into the bottom which not only gives a look more beautiful at the seams makes the saddle even slightly more comfortable. The Red, Brown, Brown aged, aged Kangaroo are made of genuine leather, the tobacco scratched, blue and black color are synthetic leather. you can choose the color of the stitching. Product made available in times that may vary from 10 to 15 days, for the version Kangaroo timing may be up to 5 days at most. generally we always try to do everything in the most soon as possible but it is not always possible. Product made in Italy, handmade work

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