Double frame panniers + 2 Bags Bags handmade in Italy in rugged cotton waterproof top quality. Meticulous in detail finished in 3 mm leather, simple and pure as the materials with which they were built. They quickly engage to our frame racks cod 1626 with the quick release system applied on the back of the bags which is provided with locks for locking. Each bag can 'stay inside a laptop 15 ", it is equipped with a large pocket for phone and documents hinge. Measures of a bag: height 32 cm (extendable to a height of 45 cm) width 24 cm depth 13 cm Available in different colors: see the menu. Double frame made of steel treated with black matte finish episodic powders. Drawn on NINET integrates seamlessly with the rest of the bike. Ready to host our quick coupling system, beautiful and minimal even when the bag is not mounted. It comes complete with screws and is easy to mount on the bike in the original configuration with or without frame passenger or with our accessories such as: Plate rear light support cod 1604 Passenger handle code 1605 High muffler cod 1611 Hight NB: it can be used easily with a passenger on board

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