Wunderlich Pedestal shifting ERGO stand - silver. for BMW Urban GS - Pure - Scrambler. For many drivers of the small paths I am a torment: the legs are too bent and the trousers bend under the knee, the traffic freezes and the pains are lurking. With our downhill shift on the footbed, you get a much more ergonomic sitting position. Features: Lowering of 20 mm. Sitting position much more relaxed. Lower knee bend and favorable to circulation. Elimination of painful cramps. Comfort greatly increased in long journeys. Movement exactly adapted to the contour of the footrest with a minimum displacement to the best for the best possible tilt freedom. Three-dimensional milled from the entire piece for an ideal position of the original platform. Set ready to be assembled. No variation required for the vehicle and no function is limited (mounting suitcases, etc.) Simple mounting. ABE certified (no need for registration). 5 years warranty. Made in Germany. On sloping Scrambler models in combination with side stand 32421-202. black or silver colors. availability about 5-15 days

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