The NineT PARIS DAKAR Kit with accessories will make your nineT scrambler icon. this kit only mounts on the BMW Scrambler models. NineT PARIS DAKAR Kit Cod.2401 The comfort and drivability of your bike will improve considerably. The tank is shorter to be able to advance and load the front end better.You no longer have the strange feeling of distance from the handlebars, the feeling of driving changes for the better. The parts of the kit are supplied painted, complete with graphics under transparent and ready for assembly. Tank: The fuel cap and the petrol pump remain the original ones of your bike, the reserve light will still work, you will not have to tamper anything, the kit is completely reversible. The Nylon tank is supplied in White Light White by Urban GS with transparent stickers. The original activated carbon filter (canester) remains the original one. All the supports for fixing the tank are supplied in the kit. The capacity is 22.5 liters, which if we calculate an average consumption of 17.7 km liter will allow a range of 400 km ... more than enough to travel around the world! The saddle: supplied complete, it is very comfortable and divided into two parts. The rear part of the passenger can be quickly removed using the key supplied with the bike. This allows you to greatly implement the baggage if you are traveling alone. Seat height: 850 mm (like the original one of the Urban GS). The side panels: they are molded in ABS, with an opaque black finish and transparent stickers are supplied complete with fixing screws and anti-vibration mounts. Rear luggage rack with passenger handles Cod.2014 Luggage rack made of steel tube with epoxy powder matte black finish. Complete the back and is equipped with handles for the passenger, simply attaches to the frame by removing the seat. Robust and practical, it improves the appearance of the bike. NB: the 2 leather bands for fixing objects on the luggage rack are not included and can be purchased separately (available in black or brown). It mounts on all nineT models. Maximum load 5 kg.       Back bag in leather first flower Cod.122509_01 Back bag in leather first flower and sewn with nylon thread, handmade in Italy. For all models. Dimensions: 200 x 280 mm, H 150. All the parts necessary for assembly are supplied.       Front headlight protection grill black Cod.1606Black It was not easy to build a headlight grille on the nineT. We wanted a clean and simple job ... well I would say we did it! Available in black or natural steel, it mounts without having to tamper with the original parts of the bike and can be removed as desired. NB: not approved for road use Fenouil front fairing + front fender Cod.2027 + 2028 The nineT Scrambler and the nineT Pure have the headlight positioned lower than the nineT Urban GS. With this kit you can revisit all the front part making it very aggressive and at the same time have a front fairing and a high mudguard. Resumes the look of the legendary R80 GS PD adapted and revised for the nineT series. Complete kit of front fender and fairing + raised headlight support. Made of ABS with painting and transparent. Available in three colors: Alpine White White, Light White Urban Gs White and Matt Black. They are mounted without any modification to the bike. They have good aerodynamic protection and are supplied complete with instructions, brackets and fixing screws. NineT cylinder bar Cod.1625 It integrates perfectly with the frame of the R nineT, and is very protective in the event of a fall. Made of steel treated with high-strength powder paints. Easy to assemble, it is supplied complete with spacer bushes and screws. Most maintenance work can be done without removing the bar. Alto nineT arga holder Cod.1630 The rear plastic bothered us, we wanted to recreate a continuity aesthetically with the passenger frame in tube: the result is fantastic, once mounted is one with the rest of the bike. Made of black epoxy powder coated steel tube complete with aluminum plate holder with housing ready to accommodate the original lighthouse. It is fixed to the frame very simply and allows you to greatly change the character and style of the bike in the back by shortening and raising the license plate and the headlight. Complete with supports for the original or aftermarket arrows (arrows not included) and all the necessary for the assembly, it is compatible with our bag holders, passenger handle or rear rack. Plate holder dimensions: 185 x 185 mm Handlebar pad in black leather Cod.1619Black Bumper made of black leather, it mounts very easily on any handlebar crosspiece and protects the face in the event of a fall. Length 26 cm

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