Saddle: We have selected the best tanneries and leather chosen to Italian origin and not treated with pentachlorophenol. Single seat of our construction with stitching hand made with cotton thread. Much more comfortable and minimal, can be fitted without any modification to the bike as it is hung and fixed in the same position as the original. It allows mounting of the rear fender cod in 1614 and its 1616 code handle The result is fantastic but also very clean and elegant. Color: Genuine black leather. The color matches perfectly with that of other accessories with black color details. Handle: Made of steel with matt black epoxy powder coating Besides being very useful to move the bike standing still it finishes in a fantastic way across the back. To be mounted with our solo seat and rear fender code 1602 cod 1614 Fender: rear fender ABS complete with mounting bracket and anti-vibration. It fits perfectly with the back of the bike and with our solo seat cod1602, and can be mounted to the original holder. But the top is definitely linked to our plate holder rear light cod 1604 With matt black finish it is very easy to assemble. Note: not compatible with the original seat

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