This, it’s our replica of the Triumph Thunderbird Sport solo tail Kit. This lightweight fibreglass (GFK) solo tail kit includes: #1234(T-Sport solo tail unit), #1235 (T-Sport solo saddle unit), #1236 (T-Sport undertail) and #809(Seat cowl). For this kit it’s possible order a tail light Mini Cateye (EC approved lens). This kit can not be used on Legend model. To install all our saddles and tail correctly and don’t damage the leather , you will need apply the originals rubber silent-blocks under the seat pan/tail, than insert the front bracket under the fuel tank (same the original seat) and the pin punch for the rear lock with 2 screws. Customize your saddle with the options available. Supplied in unpainted fibreglass ready to paint.available in about 10- 15 days

Available Options:


color seat: