Wunderlich Chassis Strut CbW - black . The struts should be easy and flexible to mount on all Airhead-Boxer frames so that they can be used with different configurations of carburettors and intakes. To that end, we’ve developed high-quality, screw-on aluminium consoles that incorporate the adjustable suspension struts. This means it’s possible to align the suspension struts individually. The pre-tensioning of the aluminium struts made of 20 mm tube pipe is done carefully by hand. The setting is fixed with a locknut. The advantages of the suspension struts aren’t limited to sports suspensions. They’re just as effective with the Airhead-GS, conversions and road bikes. Flexible fitting, with adjustable pre-tensioning. for models : R 100 R 100 CS R 100 GS R 100 GS PD R 100 R R 100 R Mystic R 100 RS R 100 RT R 100 S R 100 T R 100/7 R 45/1 R 45/2 R 50/5 R 60/5 R 60/6 R 60/7 R 65 R 65 GS R 65 LS R 65/1 R 65/2 R 75/5 R 75/6 R 75/7 R 80 R 80 G/S R 80 G/S P.D. R 80 GS R 80 GS Basic R 80 R R 80 R Mystic R 80 RT R 80 ST R 80/7 R 90 S R 90/6