Pair of aluminum feet machined from radial with radial calipers for Ohlins traditional fork for BMW R NineT Scrambler models - R nineT Urban GS - R NineT Pure - R NineT Racer. BMW has created the R NineT Roadster with radial caliper braking system (the top on the market) afterwards on the Scrambler- Urban GS - Racer and Pure models to bring down prices has come back with the technology and has adopted axial brake calipers now outdated for years. The braking systems with radial clamps are devoid of any sort of transverse constraint, the clamp fits better to the small oscillations of the rotating disk thus allowing the pads to occupy the maximum useful surface on the disc (which is not always done with traditional systems); all this only further improves braking and also benefits the durability of friction materials (which tend to wear out evenly). In other words, this system makes it possible to oppose a resistance to the torque considerably greater than that offered by a traditional system because it minimizes elastic deformations (which absorb energy to the braking system). In addition to guaranteeing a significant increase in the braking action, the system eliminates any empty runs (derived from an incorrect alignment of the pads, typically referred to as "recovery position") and averting any reduction in braking efficiency caused by mechanical stress / thermal (notably knocked down). These feet are mounted exclusively on Ohlins forks dedicated to the models mentioned above, a product for those who want the most from and on their bike, well-kept in the details also improve the aesthetics, you can choose the color through the menu. Once the order is finalized, the feet are sent to the anodization to be colored, the timing can vary from 10 to 20 days. If you do not already have the Ohlins dedicated fork you can find it on our e-commerce directly at this link:

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