Look Direction indicator The Sguardo turn signal, integrates the function of handlebar end and turn signal, is perfectly suited to both a sporty style and a more Classic one. The latest generation SMD LED technology guarantees compliance with European homologation standards thanks to its high light intensity. Made from billet aluminum, Sguardo can be used with Ø 22 and 25.4 mm handlebars. Anodized Black colors. sold individually. Code FR060B. With OEM handlebar it is necessary to purchase the FR600B adapter. FR600B: OEM Handlebar Look Indicator Mounting Kit. EE078H: Rizoma front and rear turn signal electrical wiring kit EE149H: Electrical wiring kit with resistors (3 W / 38 Ω) for Rizoma direction indicators. In motorcycles equipped with a control light on the dashboard, it may be necessary to install resistors activated parallel to the current circuit, in order to avoid the control light from turning on. Rizoma indicators are supplied with 10 W / 10 Ω resistors. In the aforementioned models, where the value of the resistors supplied is not sufficient, Rizoma recommends the purchase of the EE149H resistors kit which prevents the wrong lighting of the control light. BSFR002B: Indicator mounting kit Look on Rizoma handlebar, not compatible with OEM handlebar. Therefore, on the BMW R nine T models, the mounting of the Rizoma Sguardo indicator, in combination with the Rizoma Spy-Arm (BS300 / BS303), Reverse Retro, (BS071), Eccentrico (BS145) and Lunar (BS315) handlebar mirrors it is only possible with Rizoma handlebars. specific adapters for BMW R NineT series: FR600B Front - EE078H Front / rear - EE149H Front / rear - BSFR002B