Wunderlich fold-away lifting handel - black - NINET FAMILY. Exceptionally helpful and ergonomic component if your R nineT has a centre stand. Optimises leverage - not just on a fully loaded machine. This foldable lifting handle mounts on the frame of the left passenger seat holder via a solid, fitted console. When folded out, the machine is noticeably lighter and safer to place on the main stand. This is due to the fact that the anti-slip grip sits well in your hand and you can transfer significantly more force to it than frame tubes which are harder to grip or even inaccessible because of luggage. After lifting, the grip stows away discreetly in its resting position. A mechanism ensures that the grip locks securely when folded away. We manufacture our lifting grip using very high-quality aluminium and the design is functional. Function Ergonomic Optimised leverage Noticeably lighter and safer to place the motorcycle on the centre stand Grippy, anti-slip handle Handle locks discreetly in resting position Easy to fit Technical info Material: Aluminium, high-quality and precision crafted, black anodised Features Wunderlich premium product. Small batches. Made by hand Wunderlich. Functional, integrated design 60 days right to return Made in Europe 5-year warranty