Heat protection exhaust Tape graphite
This heat protection exhaust tape has been race-tested intensively. It ensures to raise temperature and flow velocity inside the downpipes. It is also great for insulation of the pipes and may also protects trousers, boots and bags. The tape is characterized by its high resistance to temperature (750°C) and its high flexibility which makes wrapping of tight radii possible. Note: Wrapping of downpipes ensures a certain insulation, however any direct contact in these areas should best be avoided. The facts: Asbest-free water-resistant non-mouldy length: 10 metres, width: 50 mm, thickness: 2 mm Important hint: With modern four-stroke engines and their high power density we don‘ t advice the use of the tape – as here the permitted temperature range might be permanently exceeded. This can easily be seen as the tape will whiten by and by.