TWO KHALI TPU SIDE BAGS + NINET DOUBLE FRAME (suitable for models with high exhaust scrambler type and urban 40 year) asymmetrical tealio to make room for the high exhaust terminal, which can be mounted on the entire ninet series. Side Khali bag complete with 100% waterproof quick coupling It quickly attaches to our bag holder frames with the quick release system Cod.U000 already included and mounted on the back of the bag, which is equipped with a lock for locking on the frame itself. It can house a 15 "laptop inside, it is equipped with a large waterproof pocket. Khali: our line of bags designed for your next adventure. Solid, robust and true materials, bags that tell a story, we wanted technical bags but that had a very specific style, with attention to the smallest details and with high-level accessories. We have researched the most resistant materials and the best accessories available, magnetic closures and details made ad-hoc with dedicated molds. Opaque and semi-gloss materials combined with refined textures, all tone-on-tone, studied in detail to have beautiful and functional bags, robust and elegant, not only when you are on the bike but also when you wear them over the shoulder. Bags for your motorcycle, but also to wear. If you have an Adventure Touring, a Classic or a Dual Sport the result will still be fantastic. Materials: High frequency heat-sealed TPU with Hypalon finishes. - TPU is the latest generation material that makes PVC obsolete, it is a composite material with excellent elasticity, toughness, wear resistance, and it is non-toxic - Hypalon is an extremely technological, durable material with excellent waterproof capabilities, resistant to atmospheric agents, chemicals and UV rays. - Roll Up closure which guarantees waterproofing - Magnetic buckles - Reflective inserts for greater visibility - Straps equipped with velcro system to fix the excess part - Rigid reinforced back with hook to the frame already included - Straps with quick hooks - Shoulder strap and handle included Color: Matt Black Height 38 cm, extendable in height up to 48 cm, width 30 cm, depth 18 cm. 20L - 26L 1.25 kg Double frame side bags + 2 Bags Double frame made of steel treated with matte black epoxy powder finish. Designed on the nineT or for our high exhausts Cod.1611High or Cod.2019 it integrates perfectly with the rest of the bike. Ready to house our quick attachment system, beautiful and minimal even when the bag is not mounted. It comes complete with screws and can be easily mounted on the bike in its original configuration with or without passenger frame. Our accessories are designed to be compatible with each other, except in exceptional cases indicated in the product sheets. Compatible with the original Scrambler high exhaust or with our Cod.1611High or Cod.2019 and similar. Product compatible with the passenger handle code 1605 and the luggage rack code 2014 To offer you the best we are constantly improving our products in detail. The images may refer to a previous version. Product compatible with: R nineT Roadster R nineT Scrambler R nineT Pure R nineT Racer R nineT Urban GS