“FOX” License plate support kit. Mount in Ninet Scrambler Pure Urban GS Racer.Pursuant to the European Standards ▪ Machined from billet aluminum ▪ E-Homologated LED SMD License Light ▪ Designed for easy and fast installation ▪ Lightweight and functional ▪ Each kit includes a USA size plate holder. Attention: Do Not Use in Off Road. To mount the Rizoma Kit PT709 it’s required to remove the OEM under tail cover and, therefore, the removal of the OEM rear light and indicator lights. Rizoma, in accordance with the highway code, using this kit, recommends the mounting of the Rizoma indicator lights FR155, which restore the functions of brake light, tail light and homologated indicator lights. Club S indicators (adapter EE078H are required) can be mounted on the license plate support or on the undertail cover ZBW048 Included Items: Undertail cover ZBW048, Licence plate light, Rizoma marker lights supports. Not Included Items: OEM marker lights supports.

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