Lucas style lighthouse Angel Eye Cafe Racer Modern Calssic. This is the most widely used headlight on the cafe racer from the 70s to today but with a modern touch thanks to the Angel Eyes led parabola. Parabola diameter 180mm (7 inches). DOT - SAE - E9 approval. The circular light (angel Eye) can also be used as a flashing light (by inverting the electrical cables it becomes amber rather than white). Equipped with daylight headlight, low beam, high beam. pin that controls low-beam and high-beam lights of the H4 type and therefore easy to install. To offer you the best we constantly improve our products in detail. Images may refer to a previous version. in the package you will find: angel eye dish + lucas style shell complete with ring nut and springs to be able to mount the dish. easy to install. The light is mounted on custom side supports. On some modern motorcycles it may be necessary to put a resistor in order not to have an error signal on the dashboard as the LED lamps absorb less current than a traditional bulb lamp but it is really rare. no trickery needed on classic, non-modern motorcycles.