The past is always a source of ideas, having created the BMW R NINET Paris Dakar inspired by the historic R80 GS Paris Dakar, Luis Bertelli for this BMW R NINET Marlboro, the inspiration came from the bike which triumphed in the famous African raid Paris- Dakar, BMW who won in 1981, 1982, 1984, 1985. Marlboro This version is a scrambler and not a motorcycle African raid but racy style both for graphics and for the components. Superstructure all created by Luismoto resume in the modern forms of the bike which was inspired by the very boxy rear wing with the small luggage rack, the highest seat of the fender in white and black colors, the front windshield, tall and short tilted, the handle bar, the double black exhaust, the tank cap with vent to view and all other components have been studied to remember the plurivincitrice BMW home. All superstructures created by Luis although they are painted carbon built sawnwood or aluminum all to lighten, while the chassis in addition to the new triple clamps machined from solid Luismoto we find forks and Ohlins rear shock and rims spoked . Data sheet : Front rim: Alpina --- Front Tire: Continental tck80 --- front fender: Luismoto aluminum --- front fender support: Luismoto aluminum --- Front Fork: Ohlins --- Triple tree: Luismoto --- Supports handlebar (Raiser): Luismoto --- Handlebar: Luismoto --- headlight grill: Luismoto --- Front fairing: carbon Luismoto --- tank cap: Luismoto --- Molding left side tank: carbon Luismoto --- Molding right side tank: carbon Luismoto --- Sella: Luismoto --- rear fender: carbon Luismoto --- taillight Lucas --- Roof rack: Luismoto aluminum --- Motor protection: Luismoto --- Exhaust system: Luismoto (with db killer) --- rear rim: Alpina --- Rear Pnaumatico: Continental tck80 --- front indicators: Motogadger bar end --- rear Fracce: Motogadget with specific Luismoto adapter Ninet --- front and rear terraces: aluminum billet in offroad style ---

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