BMW R NINET Passion, the name as you can figure comes from the intense red that covers most of the body, the owner of the bike wanted a color similar to the color of the wine "Chianti" depicted inside a chalice why the bike was painted with a special ink that in its transparency with the reflections of light changes colors just like looking through a glass red wine. Data sheet: Triple tree: in proceeds from solid aluminum Luismoto Raiser: adjustable on eccentric Luismoto in proceeds from solid aluminum Front fairing support: aluminum Luismoto proceeds dalnpieno Handlebar: Luismoto aluminum mod. scrambler with cross grips: Bitwell front indicators: bike-Gadget tank cap: Luismoto model monza Saddle: Original with Luismoto covering kits genuine aged skin fairing single seater: Luismoto in painted carbon Front fairing: Rizoma headlight grill: Luismoto undertail: Rizoma Arrows: CCI license plate: Rizoma frame Tank: Luismoto painted carbon external filter kit: Luismoto exhaust manifolds: Luismoto in inox - muffler: Luismoto By Mass tank badges: Luismoto aluminum painting: Red to inks and pastel black with transparent black painted finish lucidann nntestate wrinkle Griera lighthouse, pads under the saddle, front fender brackets, faronoriginali ring blacks powder coated

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