This BMW R NINET built by Luismoto was christened "Saline" in honor of the race historic Tuscan hill climb which took place in the first edition in 1970 on the path little more than 10 km long running from Saline and arrives in Volterra, a race that does not know only the Tuscans saw that it was a stepping stone for many drivers who later became great champions in motomondiale. The Volterra/Saline saw as pilots protagonists of caliber Becheroni Bilotti, Conforti, Ghiselli, particularly in the edition of in 1974 where he began Marco Luchinelli and the winner of the class 50 was the future three-time champion of the world Pierpaolo Bianchi, in 1977 for the historic race in the Tuscan hills. The Italian motorcycling history does not make us partakers of English culture in vogue today for preparations especially aesthetic called Cafe Racer (prepared by motorbike to show the bar) because we Italians have always preferred to use our toys to compete and have fun both on the track on the steps of the mountain, about the aesthetics Italian style has always been at the top in the world and this BMW R Ninet it can define a Café Racer but built with the criteria "Italian", then working as well as the aesthetic even on weight , chassis and performance. The bike was in fact relieved of nearly 50 kg !!!! thanks to the bodywork in all hand built aluminum bases aluminum steering with lightening quarries as well as the rearsets and semi handlebars alluminium billet, even the wheels were replaced with lighter Alpina, it has been removed around the frame rear and the air box, and also the exhaust system is considerably lighter. Going to see the "Saline" closely we notice the air vents located on the front windshield even those made of aluminum, and then polished to a mirror that remind calenders car BMW 70, the interior of these are two lighthouses, location and low beam while the headlight high beam is on the left side of the bike. Focusing on the fairing are many details such as mini Motogadget instrumentation which although very small is like an onboard computer, the headlamp supports these also made of aluminum and the bulkhead located under the instrument with Luismoto logo that lights up. Always focusing on the front are the original forks that have been black anodized and equipped with progressive springs and thicker oil, of the sheaths are noticed 2 LED strips that were both direction indicators and as a marker lights, new also front fender and fender also support these aluminum. Moving on the central part of the bike you immediately notice the lack of the airbox and battery over the lack of large original air intake near the tank; the former was replaced by 2 filters to external cone while the original battery has been hidden under the tank, the air intake replaced with a new casing in black painted aluminum lightens the line and hurls the fuel tank which is the only It remained part of the original bodywork. Replacing the fuel cap with the Monza model more in tune with the rest of the bike, the flange of the latter was created in aluminum cnc and even new tank badges always made of aluminum. The latter was built a tail car very short and tight that stands out the big tire now very large (200 mm).Linee and rounded but could not help but have some detail that makes the difference, and in fact on the side where it connects to the reservoir have been recreated the same 3 counterbores of the tank so as not to interrupt the line and the saddle with the name of the embroidered motion. The plate was mounted at the bottom with a single arm door plate, over a more production led lighthouse Luismoto with lighthouse / stop and integrated turn signals in a shell made from billet aluminum. Always billet are the frame cap and rearsets these adjustable on eccentric. Captivating and unusual exhaust system 2 in 1 called by Luis "Come Back" all stainless steel with visible welding, this created by hand but will soon be put on the market regularly with db killer .La brushed paint but darkened with a bit of black makes the bike very aggressive highlighting the immaculate work of battilama. Luis has accustomed us to see creations on the basis of BMW r Ninet especially in scrambler and off-road version, Saline is the Cafe Racer at the Italian-based video available at this link:

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