BMW R NineT Speed-Silver Luis-Moto. This R Ninet Roadster 2020 was commissioned by a dear customer who fell in love with our Quicksilver created back in 2014 always based on R NineT. The style of the bike as for the Quicksilver remains a classic mix of vintage and modern perfect for the Modern-Classic BMW R nineT. A mix of leather aged and contrast between brushed aluminum and carbon fiber and just like the Quicksilver it has the same superstructures by Luismoto such as the rear fender + saddle kit in leather aged, Monza fuel cap, Luis-Moto carbon fairing , tank sides in carbon always Luismoto and tank badges in brushed aluminum and carbon fiber. Many high quality finishes finish the bike and distinguish it from the Quicksilver, such as the brand new LuisMoto aluminum steering bases machined from solid with crontast-cut finish, the handlebar supports adjustable on the eccentric that allow you to move away or bring the guide closer and also to be able to raise or lower, various parts of the engine such as the rocker covers and the front cover of the Roland Sand Design alternator, the saddle sides also machined from solid with Gilles Tooling contrast-cut finish, Motogadget and at the rear we find the microscopic Kellermann Atto that function both as direction indicators and as position and stop indicators positioned on the well-established Rizoma Side-Arm license plate holder. even the air intake removed on the Quecksilver is now present but in a reduced form compared to the original, it is the Qsuare always Luis-moto. On the Speed-Silver, custom-made and aged airbox cover bags have also been adopted, such as the saddle and the tank cover strap where a pocket is also positioned where the navigator or mobile phone can be mounted. The Speed-Silver is a bike with a simple line but that strikes the most expert eye and those who love things well done, elegant and technical at the same time. --- MOTORCYCLE NOT FOR SALE ---