BMW R328T Hommage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For the 75th anniversary of the BMW 328, the German company launches the 328 Hommage Concept supercar following the whole philosophy of the first BMW 328 which was built in aluminum and magnesium and weighed only 780kg, today with the advent of more technological materials BMW has decided to build the new 328 Hommage carbon fiber, more durable, more stable and lighter. Where the material has been worked on this special car, it is also visible, thus becoming an aesthetic as well as functional element. As a tribute to the past there are also noble leathers, satin-finished or polished aluminum and browned both outside and inside. The R328T hommage based on BMW R NineT built by Luismoto takes up the same philosophy, that is lightness and color thanks to the carbon fiber bodywork and satin aluminum components, the LED headlight with the same design was also built and leather was used for the saddle with the same shade. Going to see the R NineT more closely we see many other details that make this bike light and performing. Immediately we notice that the bike is much shorter in the saddle area, the frame has been modified both in length and height to ensure that the final part of the exhaust system could remain between the saddle and the wheel. the tailor-made exhaust system made of titanium from the same hand that builds exhaust systems for Pagani and the prototype exhausts for Lamborghini passes under the oil sump and then climbs to the end of the saddle with a shape reminiscent of the head of a Cobra. The saddle covered in natural kangaroo leather was then aged by hand with specific paint using them with an aerial pen. The entire airbox has been eliminated as it can be fitted with external cone air filters, the standard battery integrated inside the air box has been repositioned through a specific support under the tank so as to leave all the part that was originally studded with empty hideous black plastic. The fuel tank is made of carbon fiber with a transparent opaque finish. It has the lines of the standard fuel tank but contains a good 5.5 liters of fuel, this increase was obtained by building the front bellies of the tank wider and lower and connecting them to the back part, this means that the tank is more symmetrical than the original tank very different between its both sides. In doing so it makes the bike more aggressive by aesthetically loading it onto the front end and lightening the rear. always in carbon with matt finish also the front fender, the mudguard supports and the front engine cover redesigned to allow you to discover the engine pulley where the belt that transmits rotation to the alternator is located where an aluminum cover with the emblem was built BMW (we all know it to be a stylized airplane propeller), when the engine is turned on the BMW emblem rotating and comes to life and looks just like the propeller of an airplane. The engine oil cooling radiator has been replaced with a shaped and moved lower just to leave the pulley part free. To stay on the subject of visible mechanics by shifting the gaze a little, you can see the transparent valve covers, these also show the moving mechanics once you turn on the 1200 cc boxer, on the left you can also see a small pressure gauge that allows to keep the oil pressure under control. With a high-performance engine an adequate chassis is also required and in fact the brake discs have been replaced with daisy-braking, the front fork derives from the sister BMW S1000rr already adjustable standard has been completely disassembled, the sheaths have been anodized with a hardening treatment and was equipped with Ohlins cartridges. the aluminum steering bases derived from the full Luismoto with lightening loops have adjustable handlebar supports and allow the pilot to be able to mount them in a comfortable position or in a sportier extended position, always Ohlins also the rear shock absorber longer than the original by 2.5cm , of the same brand also the adjustable steering damper. Returning to the steering bases, we notice a very small Motogadget instrument but it is actually a small on-board computer for the countless information it provides, placed between the front light and the handlebar. the headlight as mentioned above was custom built to remember the 328 hommage even seeing it only from the front. the handlebars replaced with one of smaller and sporting dimensions also houses the direction indicators always of the Motogadget. many other vintage / sporty and minimalist touches such as the monza fuel cap, brushed aluminum / carbon tank coats, rolled leather grips and rear lighting system that at first sight seems to be missing makes it -------------------- motorcycle not for sale ---------------------