Led tail light with position / stop light / direction indicators. it can be mounted with the rhizome undertail, ZBW048B, which can be purchased separately in the menu (it is not necessary but it is useful to have a glove compartment by removing the saddle). Fits with the monocoque tail in original BMW aluminum or with the saddle. it is necessary to mount the motorcycle license plate with a low number plate holder of any brand. Fits on BMW R Ninet - Scrambler - Pure - Urban GS - Racer. On some motorcycles we have found the need to mount a resistance on the electric cable that commands the Stop, on others on the direction indicators while on some it is mountable without resistors. on the lights mounted by us we used 7.5 Ohm / 50 watt resistors of kellerman (available in the menu). The headlight support is an Italian product built by hand and painted black. Simple and elegant, it gives a modern look but not too much to the BMW modern / classic. to view the product video copy and paste this link: not approved, to be associated with a low license plate holder (single arm) of any brand or a side license plate holder

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