The new generation of saddles for the R nineT. Mount on R NineT - Scrambler - Pure - Urban GS. Saddle AKTIVKOMFORT ORANGE NineT. Scrupulously designed, with different innovative solutions. This one-piece saddle is equipped with a sophisticated foam core, with a new profile and a unique structure. The basic shell is the result of a development and production no less elaborate. The data:   Relief of the coccyx and weight distribution optimized on the buttocks   Progressive two-layer structure with a soft upper layer and a harder inner layer for a more even distribution of forces   Anti-sweat, anti-slip material   Extremely resistant basic shell of original design   Elegant "Cut" stitching   With distinctive strap in the middle of the saddle   Stitched and welded seams for a 100% seal   Seat height approx 20 mm higher   Absolutely suitable for long distances   Made in Germany

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