Short seat for Royal Enfiled Interceptor 650, narrower and shorter than the original, is characterized by an innovative design that combines the two adjacent seats in a single arch. Allows you to leave the perimeter tubes of the motorcycle frame more visible. ABS base. The padding is made of polyurethane foam with closed cell "Memory" characteristics from 70-80kg / mc directly from the mold and the height dimensions, depending on the model, vary from about 60mm (for the pilot seat) to 90mm (for the passenger seat). total length 62cm against the 68cm of the original saddle The upholstery made of imitation leather is handmade with the highest quality materials in two ranges of Black and Brown, the top stitching is provided with transverse seams The saddle can be installed quickly in replacement of the original without any modification, it is complete with an aluminum front and rear fixing system, including a lock hook. N.B .: our saddles are equipped with rubber pads as standard.

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