Increasing the amount of engine oil (+ 1.3 L) in circulation has many advantages. More oil means lower engine temperature and less engine wear. Furthermore, more oil means fewer lubrication cycles for the oil, which reduces the mechanical tearing of the oil particles and therefore remains "fresh" for longer. The spacer has 2 internal supports that cushion and attenuate the movement of the oil. The kit comes with two oil collecting gaskets, but does not include the oil sump gaskets. We recommend ordering the spacer with the mounting kit which contains longer screws, two oil leveling rings and two oil pump gaskets no. Art. 37980-000 (you can buy it in the drop-down menu). You will also need to order two oil pan gaskets (2x art. No. 38160-000) which can all be purchased in the drop-down menu mounts on the models:  R 100  R 100 CS  R 100 GS  R 100 GS PD  R 100 R  R 100 R Mystic  R 100 RS  R 100 RT  R 100 S  R 100 T  R 100/7  R 45/1  R 45/2  R 50/5  R 60/5  R 60/6  R 60/7  R 65  R 65 GS  R 65 LS  R 65/1  R 65/2  R 75/5  R 75/6  R 75/7  R 80  R 80 G / S  R 80 G / S P.D.  R 80 GS  R 80 GS Basic  R 80 R  R 80 R Mystic  R 80 RT  R 80 ST  R 80/7  R 90 S  R 90/6 optional assembly kit: Spacer ring for oil mounting kit The mounting kit for the oil pan spacer ring consists of 14 hexagon socket screws incl. Shaft washers, two oil pan gaskets (not shown), two oil pump gaskets and the screw fitting for the 30 mm spacer ring. Seals: if you choose to buy the seals in the drop-down menu, 2 quantities will be provided

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