ENGINE TUBULAR PROTECTION FOR HUSQVARNA SVARTPILEN AND VITPILEN 401. Your bike is an investment that is worthy of defending the best. With a tubular protection you can protect the most delicate parts of your bike from bumps, falls, scratches and accidents. Ideal for those who love adventure and get on beaten roads, but also for long journeys or short city trips. An accessory designed specifically to not weigh down the design and able to hook perfectly to the frame of your racing car. With us, to be calm and without fear of opening everything. Features: Reliable and safe protection of important parts of the motorcycle. Strong hook and resistant to the structure of the bike. Indispensable in case of fall or slipping. Black color powder coated. It resumes the appearance of the bike without weighing the design. It hooks on pre-existing points in the bike, does not require modifications, holes or welds. Tube diameter: 27 mm. Included: 2 side guards (Right and Left) Fixing material. easy and intuitive assembly.

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