TRIUMPH 1200XC & XE UNITGARAGE EXHAUST. Muffler for Triumph 1200 XC & XE models For the Triumph we wanted a special exhaust, something unique ... and we think we have succeeded! Central stainless steel fitting, and titanium silencers entirely handcrafted, in perfect GP style. It weighs 3.5 kg less than the original one and has removable DB-Killers. It mounts easily without making any modifications to the bike, the heat of the exhaust is significantly reduced and the performance and power of your Triumph will drive you crazy! The engine will thank you '... and your right leg will be' saved :). The exhaust protection can be easily replaced. It can be combined with the manifolds without catalyst code 3134 or with the original manifold. To offer you the best we are constantly improving our products in detail. The images may refer to a previous version.