turn signal for fork
20401495 Easy to install, dual function, LED fork wrap-around that can be installed in approximately 30 minutes or less. TruWRAPZ® are our amazing, easy to install LED turn signals that feature all of the TruFLEX® Advantages Plus: White DRL Running Lights, Amber LED Turn Signals, Smoke Tube White DRL LEDs are automatically deactivated when the turn signal lamp or hazard warning lamp is activated, and automatically reactivated when the turn signal lamp or hazard warning lamp is deactivated. LEDs function with 4 way hazards and alarms when bike is on or off. Simple to install, just clean surface with enclosed 3M Primer, peel liner from 3M tape, and wrap around your forks. Includes 6 Posi-Taps for simple tap-in installation or solder connectors with enclosed adhesive lined heat shrink tubing. Includes Stainless Steel Wire Loom and Chrome Tie Wraps for a professional clean installation. TruWRAPZ® are 0.34" Wide X 0.30" High. Available for forks of various diameters: To fork 39mm (20401495) To fork 41mm (20401496) To fork 43mm (20401497) To fork 49mm (20401498) To fork 56mm (20401499)

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