Wunderlich engine crash bar - black BMW R18. The first 32 tube crash bar! We opted for this size for two reasons: for reasons of solidity, for optimal protection of the R 18, and for aesthetic reasons. On the imposing R 18 and in the area of ​​the powerful collectors, the 32 tube has a balancing and valuable effect. In addition, we have made the conscious choice of a fully shaped and one-piece crash bar which, in addition to the generous dimensions, further increases the structural solidity. This high-quality, powder-coated crash bar embellished with a clear varnish finish fits discreetly into the R 18's stylistic line, while giving it a very special touch. The structure has a shape very similar to the crash bar of the classic BMW air-cooled Boxer. The engine crash bar rests on six carefully selected solid points. The lower bars, reminiscent of the low tubes of the Boxer frame, have been arranged by our designers so as not to be showy and not to clash with the vehicle. The multi-point fastening ensures that the forces generated in the event of a fall or accident do not act directly, but are instead distributed through the crash bar on all 6 contact points. In this way, the direct stress due to the forces of impact and inertia is significantly reduced. The data: Operation Perfect protection of cylinders and fan cover Valuable integration of form and version 32 tube with fine powder coating and clear varnish finish Complete form Solid 6-point asymmetrical mounting Significant reduction in direct stress due to impact and inertia forces No influence on free tilt and ground clearance Simple and precise assembly Detailed and understandable instructions Technical specifications Material: precision steel tube, precisely shaped on CNC bending machines and finally fixed with clean welds, with fine black powder coating and clear varnish finish Diameter of the tubes: 32mm Wall thickness: 2mm Special features Wunderlich product. Small series. Handmade. Wunderlich. Integrated and functional design.
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