Wunderlich Passenger seat AKTIVKOMFORT r1250gs r1200gs LC. Punctual for the launch of the 40th anniversary edition of the BMW GS "Edition 40 Years GS", we have prepared the AKTIVKOMFORT saddles for driver and passenger: Wunderlich seats that offer the unique characteristics of our AKTIVKOMFORT saddles by integrating into the chromatic layout of the "Edition 40 Years GS ". We manufacture our saddles with an ergonomic 3D edging feature that. The shape and inclination of the sophisticated saddle core, with a progressive two-layer structure and integrated carbon heating element, promote a natural and ergonomically advantageous back posture. A distinctive feature of our passenger seat is the support edging at the front of the seat, which offers additional anchoring when braking. This way you can drive in a relaxed and therefore active way. And there is no doubt: relaxed driving guarantees an increase in passive safety. With the ThermoPro cover, the temperature of this saddle in the summer sun is even 25 ° C lower than saddles covered with common untreated materials. And in our assortment there is a matching passenger seat. In all AKTIVKOMFORT saddles, SHOW MORE The data: Function The relaxed and active driving feeling benefits passive safety The ergonomic 3D edging promotes the natural posture of the pelvis and a comfortable position of the legs during driving and stops The progressive two-layer structure with a soft top layer and a firmer inner layer guarantees comfort, because the saddle does not deform Pressure is distributed over a larger surface area, which leads to significantly better weight distribution and lower specific stress Hollow throats marked to relieve the coccyx More comfort with ThermoPro: With the ThermoPro cover, the temperature of this saddle in the summer sun is even 25 ° C lower than saddles covered with common materials Elegant "Cut" stitching Wunderlich logo stitched Made in Germany. Technical data Coating with ThermoPro material, Sweatproof, non-slip material with Alcantara bands, elegant Cut stitching Seams bonded and heat-sealed with hot air with modern PFAFF machines for 100% waterproofing Seat shell material: Extremely resistant “RoburC” base shell of original design Progressive two-layer structure of the saddle core Standard seat height Peculiarities Wunderlich premium product. Small series. Handmade. Wunderlich design. Integrated and functional. suitable for models: R 1200 GS LC (2013 - 2016) R 1200 GS LC (2017-) R 1200 GS LC Adv. (2014-) R 1250 GS R 1250 GS Adventure

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