Wunderlich widening set for R nineT Family engine protection bar. This mounting kit lets you widen the right left part of the engine protection bar by approx. 14 mm. Doing this provides the space required for combining our valve cover & cylinder protectors (item no. 35610-001 and 35610-002), as well as the wider valve cover or valve cover protector from the BMW accessories range with our engine protection bar. We have primarily designed the distance between our engine protection and the original valve covers to be low-profile but with safety clearance. This lets us achieve the maximum protective effect with a balanced overall design. The tight assembly doesn't allow you to combine it with the components we mentioned before, though. This mounting kit makes this possible with little effort. Function Lets you combine the engine protection part with the valve cover & cylinder protectors Moves the two halves of the engine protection bar outwards by approx. 14 mm The mounting kit replaces the screws and sleeves provided with the original engine protection bar Easy to mount Technical info Sleeve material: Steel, black powder-coated Screw material: Galvanised steel. for models : R nineT (2014 - 2016) R nineT (2017-) R nineT /5 R nineT Pure R nineT Racer R nineT Scrambler R nineT Urban G/S