Xray oil pressure gauge for BMW R NineT Family from 2017 onwards (scrambler models from 2016 onwards). BMW has strangely removed from the R NineT models from 2017 onwards the low oil pressure warning light (the classic red light that all the bikes have) this makes it impossible to detect the low oil level while traveling or the engine pressure. The XRay brand, in its usual innovative mentality, has decided to solve this mysterious design oversight by creating a simple oil pressure gauge kit for the "R Nine T" engine family. the oil pressure at 80/90 ° C (correct engine running temperature) must be at least 12 psi (0.8 bar) at minimum it must have a minimum of 51 psi (3.5 bar) at 4,000 rpm. Engine protection device, elegant design and perfect finish. Built and designed Made in Italy. All fittings are made of stainless steel. Every single braided line in heat-shrink stainless steel undergoes a pressure test. Oil pressure gauges have a black stainless steel case and are filled with silicone (instead of glycerine) therefore able to function correctly at temperatures below zero and to mark correctly even in the presence of vibrations. The engine mounting brackets are carved in aluminum and black anodized. The assembly is very simple and is plug and play, it happens simply by removing the cylindrical head screw M12x1,5 located on the lower left side of the motor, there will be installed the coated aeronautical tube supplied which will be connected from the other end to the pressure gauge (everything is included in the kit). mountable kit on BMW R NineT from 2017 to present - Scrambler from 2016 to today - Pure Racer and Urban gs from 2017 to present. instructions included in the kit. Available with white or black background, to choose from in the drop-down menu

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